Legacy Planning

Legacy Planning

Our Approach to Legacy Planning


We believe that legacy planning is a manifestation of how you live and translates into how you will be remembered. Legacy planning includes estate planning, which is fundamentally an act of love. It provides your loved ones clarity and direction during tumultuous times. Proper estate planning preserves and protects the assets you have worked hard to accumulate and enables your heirs to meet their future financial obligations without diminishing their quality of life.


Your Comprehensive Financial Plan is the first step in estate planning; it specifies the recommended asset allocation for you to meet your lifetime needs and wants. Having a concrete plan in place allows you the freedom to decide how much you want to entrust to others. Our approach is to design advance plans that allow you to protect your life’s work from taxes, creditors, and other liabilities. Informed by your Financial Plan, we develop a Comprehensive Estate Plan for you.

Our Comprehensive Estate Plans directly address the federal transfer tax system of gift, estate, generation-skipping, excise, and income taxes. Depending upon your specific needs, our plans include: estate tax reduction strategies, income tax-optimized charitable giving techniques, and continuation plans for family-owned businesses.

In the process of developing your plan, we work closely with your estate planning attorney and can employ sophisticated tools and techniques such as family limited partnerships, living and generation-skipping trusts, and many other testamentary planning vehicles. The result is a plan that preserves your assets in an enduring manner and increases your family’s asset protection.


Effective financial planning and management provides clarity to yourself and your loved ones today and an invaluable lesson to your successors tomorrow. For children and grandchildren, there’s no substitute for having witnessed the care, thoughtfulness, attention to detail, and discipline that good planning demands.

Too often, families witness the passing of a loved one and the costly, avoidable financial consequences that ensue. The corresponding emotional and economic toll stand in stark contrast to everything built during a life well-lived.

TQM Wealth Partners helps clients transform their life’s work from today’s success to true, lasting significance - passing value, responsibility, and work stewardship ethics to those they care about. The result? A meaningful legacy that you secure today so it can continue tomorrow.