Comprehensive Financial Plan

Comprehensive Financial Plan

Our Approach to Comprehensive Financial Planning


At TQM Wealth Partners, we believe that a clear, efficient approach to driving financial success enables a sense of fulfillment and peace of mind. Clarity and efficiency result from a well-executed plan.

That is why we believe in beginning with a Comprehensive Financial Plan that outlines the objectives and goals you prioritize most and maps out a Critical Path for you to achieve your desired outcomes. The Critical Path allows clients to track progress at any given time along the way.


Through the planning process, we get to know you beyond statements and questionnaires, enabling us to recommend the best tools for you to achieve your financial goals while taking in consideration your values, needs, and wants. Our expertise spans all types of assets that make up your wealth, including businesses, real estate, and stock and bond portfolios among others. In developing your plan, we understand the complexities and interplay between these assets while controlling for your overall risk exposure.

Your financial plan reflects the legacy you choose to live and drives all aspects of protecting and growing your wealth. As a dynamic, living document, the plan also serves as a reminder of what is important to you along the way. With careful consideration and planning, you can be confident that the decisions you make today will benefit generations to come.

Below, you’ll see our end-to-end approach in action:


Your Comprehensive Financial Plan is a powerful decision-making tool that reflects the strength of your financial health, reveals areas of improvement, and quantifies your risk capacity taking into account your future consumption needs. By taking the time to create a Comprehensive Financial Plan, you can be confident that your investments are working for you, and that your life and legacy goals are in harmony.

Among other things, your plan will help you:

  • Understand whether your assets are titled in such a way that you and your heirs are protected
  • Determine the right investment strategy and asset allocation to achieve your objectives
  • Quantify the impact of your legacy wishes and estate plan on your financial independence and your heirs
  • Take advantage of current and future tax minimization opportunities
  • Assess protection from unforeseen risks
  • Evaluate the impact of changes to the financial landscape
  • Forecast how new needs, opportunities, and circumstances affect future results

Your team at TQM Wealth Partners has decades of experience working with people, businesses, and organizations that value fiduciary advice, simplicity, efficiency, and results. Our employees are credentialed professionals such as Certified Financial Planners ™ (CFP®) and Registered Management Advisers (RMA®). We strive to provide you with best-in-class service and advice so that clients can reap the rewards of their hard work without adding complexity to their lives.