Family Wealth Program

Family Wealth Program

Our Approach to a Family Wealth Program


“Success begets success.” This phrase is tremendously relevant to effective familial wealth planning - if you set yourself and your family up for success today with the appropriate tools, management plan, and education, you will position your children and their children for success for generations to come. The fruits of your success - when not managed correctly and without the lack of appropriate education for its beneficiaries - can lead to long-term complications. Those who do not understand the true value of wealth and take its longevity for granted often see it fall through the cracks. As your personal advisers, we work hand-in-hand with you directly to ensure your loved ones benefit in the short-term without jeopardizing your legacy in the long-term.

Our Approach

Our clients’ Comprehensive Financial Plans give us an intimate view into each family’s reality. We develop a highly informed Family Wealth Program by interviewing wealth-creators and family members, writing a family biography, discussing the biggest concerns around familial wealth and its impact upon each family member, and defining specific goals for the Program. This immersive discovery process equips us with the necessary information, guardrails, and levels of sensitivity to facilitate a family discussion around a tailored wealth management strategy. Our custom strategies can touch upon financial counseling, financial education, special needs topics, philanthropic approach, and volunteer activities, among other things.


Benefits of your Family Wealth Program include:

  • Developing a healthy relationship with money: Wealthy families can struggle to create an appropriate balance between enjoying the fruits of their finances and developing a healthy understanding of money and its uses. We offer thoughtfully developed talk tracks, educational tools, and advice that weigh your specific familial concerns against the longevity of the wealth you have created to promote healthy mindsets around wealth.
  • Defining the family’s philanthropic mission: One of the most effective and rewarding uses of familial wealth is the selection of and contribution to a cause or community about which you and your loved ones are truly passionate. Our advisers can support you in identifying and defining a philanthropic mission and developing a plan for donating to these causes.

Educating and preparing future generations: As a complement to fostering healthy relationships with wealth, we work with you to best equip your next generation with the tools to make the most of their wealth. These tools include basic investment knowledge and wealth creation strategies that we offer prior to your inheritors receiving sizable wealth transfers and/or generating wealth of their own. We also help equip them with other fundamental educational programs about topics such as operating family businesses, taking over philanthropic initiatives, and wisely investing wealth in their own educational and entrepreneurial pursuits.

By addressing these issues head-on, families like yours can work together to develop a well-rounded approach to managing your wealth in order to create a lasting legacy.