Insurance Management

Insurance Management

Our Approach to Insurance Management


At TQM Wealth Partners, we believe the right insurance coverage is a critical tool for managing risk. That is why insurance management is an important element of your Comprehensive Financial Plan. We conduct ongoing reviews of your life, disability, and long-term care insurance to ensure you have the appropriate coverage at the appropriate time. Left unattended, insurance can entail a cost that is both unreasonable and unwarranted - we proactively work hand-in-hand with you to avoid this scenario before you’ve unnecessarily overinvested or, alternatively, neglected to invest and opened yourself up to risk.


At TQM Wealth Partners, we take an active role in managing your insurance coverage by reviewing your policies regularly as part of our ongoing financial and legacy planning work. This way, we see how your coverage fits into your overall financial picture, allowing us to identify any changes that need to be made. We believe in taking a personal approach when it comes to critical decisions around life, disability, and long-term care insurance so we can provide you with recommendations that are aligned with your individual goals. Our approach also provides clarity on whether you are taking full advantage of any group policies you may have in addition to those you own directly.

You don't need us to tell you that insurance is complicated - but this complexity, when managed by a trusted adviser, leads to opportunity. In cases where the life insurance is trust-owned, the trustee has a fiduciary duty to ensure the insurance coverage is appropriate. Life insurance policies also offer tax benefits by providing cash values you can use to supplement your retirement income. Additionally, life insurance policies can provide money for the beneficiaries of the policy holder's estate; when structured properly, they can be powerful wealth transfer tools. These policies also facilitate personal wealth protection during the sale of businesses, allowing owners to protect their wealth from any risks associated with such transactions. Our experts help you navigate these nuances and take advantage accordingly.


With the proper insurance management strategy in place, you can be confident that you have the right level of coverage at the right price. You can rest easy knowing that your loved ones will be taken care of financially - no matter what happens. You gain confidence by taking advantage of the tax benefits enabled by the proper insurance strategy. And, if you are a business owner, you gain the peace of mind that stems from knowing the continuity of your business is ensured in case of an unprecedented worst-case scenario.